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So, What Do We Do Now?


For the past year Rev. Roberta has been engaged with members of the congregation in transition work with the following goals:

  • identifying strengths of UUC using an Appreciative Inquiry approach

  • recognizing the process of grief both for individuals and the congregation and giving ourselves permission to grieve

  • practicing healthy communication; that is communication that is direct and respectful and involves as much listening as speaking

  • formally re-covenanting


Many of the people engaged in that work have realized that not everybody chose to participate; but culture of congregation has changed. Now people are asking, “How do we bring everybody together around new understandings of covenant, healthy communication, growing mutual trust, respect for leadership?” This video offers you tools for inviting UUC members into that new culture of healthy and respectful communication. It is based on congregational consultant Peter Steinke’s step by step process for untangling unhealthy triangles in communication.


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