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Each week, we publish an electronic newsletter. Called the Octagram (out of deference to our unique octagonally-shaped sanctuary), this newsletter offers another way for us to share our current and upcoming events,  as well as opportunities to get involved.

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Still have questions? Please feel free to reach out to our Campus Administrator, and you will be assisted! 

New Member Profile: Cibby Orozco (she/her)


Cibby joined UUC in October 2023.


How long have you lived in this area?

Where did you live before?
I have lived in Florida for the last 10 1/2 years

and in Clearwater for the last 10 years.
For most of my life, I lived in California.

And I was born in Guatemala. 

What was your religious background?
I was born in a very strict religious Christian background because my parents were
pastors. My dad died in an accident when I was 14 years old. When I got out of high
school, I started to work but I wanted to go to college. My mom didn't have the money to
pay for it. When my aunt came to Guatemala for a visit from Los Angeles, California, I
asked her if I could live with her and go to college. That's how I ended up going to a
community college in Santa Monica, California, and then transferring to UC Berkeley.
Going to Berkeley was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. I not only
learned about math, science, and English, but I also learned about social
issues, women's studies, and human rights. This is the place where I also learned and
got involved with Wicca, New Age, and Shamanism.

Click HERE to read more about Cibby

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Letters to the Editor (Tampa Bay Times)

UUC members Ron Vierling and Scotty Scott each had letters to the editor published on December 3, 2023, in the Tampa Bay Times. Ron's letter was the Times' letter of the month. Anne Burnham joined the ranks with her letter appearing on December 17, 2023. 

Writing letters to the editor is an important way for each of us to demonstrate our values to the wider community.


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