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Pledge Fulfillment

Online giving has never been easier - or more essential. While we're still discerning what life will be like for us as a post-Covid-19 congregation, we do know that your generosity and commitment to our mission and vision continue to enable our important presence in the Clearwater community. 

There are three easy ways to give:

(1) Click HERE to donate online:

(2) Text-to-give: (727) 500-2410

     Text a dollar amount to this phone number. The first time you text, you will be asked to enter in your information to register your phone. To give in the future, simply text "give" to this number. You'll be emailed a receipt, and you can immediately type "refund" if you accidentally entered "1000" instead of "10.00." 

(3) Mail a check to us at: 2470 Nursery Road, Clearwater, FL 33764

Why should I pledge financial support to UUC?

Fulfilling UUC’s vision to be an inclusive religious community, a beacon for a reason, meaning and bold social action requires everyone’s investment.  It’s difficult to put a dollar amount on the cost of aspirations, but we know the lack of funding limits our ability to be a strong voice through enriching programs like the choir and social justice outreach. At a very basic level, your financial pledge is necessary to support daily operational expenses, such as keeping the lights on, buying supplies and paying staff.


What do I “get” for my financial support?

Determining value is a personal decision.  How much is this community worth to you?  How important is it to you for us to insure that our religious message has a strong and healthy home where it can be made available to others who may be looking for a religion that promotes inclusion, diversity and hope?  How much is the education of our children worth?  How much is justice worth?  How important is aninspiring Sunday morning experience to you?


How much should I pledge?

Consider your values, your income and your needs.  Then give as generously as you can! The Fair Share Giving Guidelines suggests between 2 percent and 5 percent of your  annual income.  Also look at the Gift Levels (link coming soon) that provide the numbers needed of each gift.  Find your most generous level and pledge that amount.


This year, please take a fresh look at your annual budget!

Have you been giving the same amount for several years? Please review your personal budget and see if you can fulfill some increased level.  Approximately 75 percent of UUC basic expenses are being paid through pledges.   However, a rule of thumb for faith communities is for pledges to provide 80 percent of basic operating support.  We as a congregation have a ways to go to support our vision.

Donations/Planned Gifts

You can easily and simply create a financial legacy or planned gift for UUC. There are many types of gifts to consider in estate planning, such as bequests and IRAs. Please click DONATIONS/GIFTS to securely process your gift to UUC.

Securities Transfers

If you have Securities (stocks, bonds, options, etc.) that you are graciously donating to UUC, please click SECURITIES TRANSFER FORM, which you will fill out and submit electronically to our bookkeeper for processing.


Or you can submit a physical form by downloading and printing it here 


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