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Sunday Offerings

  • ** ON HIATUS FOR THE SUMMER** OPEN ISSUES @ 9:30 AM:  in person (in the Patio Room) and via Zoom (Meeting ID: 927 6821 7534)

  • SUNDAY SERVICE @ 10:30 AM:  in person (in the Octagon) and via Zoom (Meeting ID: 967 1190 1492)

  • YOUTH RELIGIOUS EDUCATION (10:30 AM - 11:30 AM): Children remain with their parents during the first few moments of worship service before going to RE class.

    • Click HERE to learn more. ​

  • COFFEE HOUR @ 11:30 AM:  in person and via Zoom (Meeting ID: 967 1190 1492). Be sure to check the CALENDAR for any special potluck luncheon events!

Additional Details (for in-person services):

  • Hearing-impaired? We are Hearing Loop equipped.  We also have an enhanced hearing section inside our Octagon Sanctuary. 

  • As of our most recent monthly board meeting (November 30, 2022), it was decided that masks are no longer required. Please continue to wear one if you wish to do so. 

Sunday Service

Worship services are led by our minister, worship associates and periodically by guest speakers. The best way to get to know Unitarian Universalists of Clearwater (UUC) is to attend one of our regular worship services. Although worship at UUC is not bound by a specific set of liturgical conventions, each service tends to have a particular theme which is expanded in the reflections and echoed by hymns, readings, meditations and music. At UUC you will find opportunities to explore spiritual alternatives, encounter wisdom from the world's great sacred and secular traditions, hear inspiring music, deepen your spiritual understanding, further your understanding of the intimate and ultimate questions of life, and connect with kindred spirits.


UUC is a welcoming congregation. Please join us for services, or email us for more information.

Service Information

June 2023

Sunday,  June 4, 2023

Speaker: Patti Hanks, UUC's Ministerial Intern

Sermon: "Strong is What We Make Each Other"

Worship Associate: Rev. Amy Kindred

Watch and Listen to the Sermon (Coming Soon)

Order of Service: Click HERE

May 2023

Sunday,  May 28, 2023

Speakers: UUC Members

Ana "Soledad "Vaquer and Eliseo Santana

Sermon: "My UU Journey"

Worship Associate: Sue Boone

CLICK HERE to Watch and Listen to the Sermon

Order of Service: Click HERE

Sunday,  May 21, 2023

Speaker: Rev. Amy Kindred

Sermon: "The Empty Bowl"

Worship Associate: Ed Kraemer

CLICK HERE to Watch and Listen to the Sermon

Order of Service: Click HERE

Sunday,  May 14, 2023

Speaker: Rev. Amy Kindred

Sermon: "Annual Flower Ceremony"

Worship Associate: Peggy Tanney

CLICK HERE to Watch and Listen to the Sermon 

Order of Service: Click HERE

Sunday,  May 7, 2023

Speaker: Guest Speaker Adam Byrn Tritt

Sermon: "Banned and Challenged Books"

Worship Associates: 

Rev. Amy Kindred, Patti Hanks, Ministerial Intern

CLICK HERE to Watch and Listen to the Sermon 

Order of Service: CLICK HERE

*REMINDER* The Annual Congregational

Meeting follows Sunday's service

PLEASE NOTE -- some Sunday Service offerings have been removed from the website. We do keep all recorded Sunday sermons on our YouTube channel. Please feel free to peruse our selections at your leisure! If you have any questions,  please reach out to Thank you!


Joys and Sorrows

Share a Joy….Share a Sorrow

Each Sunday we pause to lift-up those times in our lives when joy either caught us by surprise or met us as a moment we awaited with anticipation and life felt good.  We drop a stone to remember those moments.  We follow those stones with those we carry for whom life is having too much of its way with us, sometimes from losses or burdens to weighty to carry on one’s own.  We drop a stone to remember those moments of sorrow.  We drop such stones as a way of sharing our lives together in covenant. This is your opportunity to share such joys and sorrows in this Sunday’s service.  The joy or sorrow you name will be read during the service and a stone dropped in the vase.

Joys and Sorrows Submission


Sunday Shareables

We know how it is when a Sunday service has an element that just connects with you on a certain level. Perhaps someone pens an original poem that you just can't stop thinking about? Or maybe a contributor shares a tale that makes you laugh or think? Sometimes, the entire message resonates so deeply that you feel compelled to read it again. Whatever draws you in is what we hope to share here! 


Please let us know what you think -- and let us know what else you would like to see out here. Email the Administrator @

Blue Sky by Sue Hand (04.27.21)


  • Service Recordings: If you click on a link to view one of our previously-recorded services, you will be leaving UUC's webpage and going to our YouTube channel. 

  • OOS (Order of Service): We share the components of our Sunday Services in a program we call an Order of Service. 

  • Joys and Sorrows: Your personal Joy or Sorrow that is entered here will be read to the congregation the following Sunday. This allows the congregation to share these events in your life and support you. Click HERE to submit a Joy or Sorrow.

The Octagon
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