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Welcome to our Virtual Community!

An Introduction to Zoom...

Zoom is a platform for meeting virtually. People commonly use it to hold video meetings, using a computer with a webcam, a tablet or a smartphone. However, you can dial into a Zoom meeting using *any* phone and join in.

New to Zoom, and using a computer, tablet, or smartphone? Plan on logging onto your device at least 15 minutes early to allow time to download the Zoom app and familiarize yourself with the settings.

          1. Go to

         2. Click "Join Meeting" in the top right corner

         3. Enter the meeting ID (usually 9-10 numbers)

New to Zoom, and planning to dial-in (no video)? If you don't have an electronic device with a video, or you can still dial in to any Zoom call, with audio only! Sunday Service phone numbers are listed. For dial-in phone numbers for other Zoom events, please call or email the main office (

Virtual Background Tutorial

You can be anywhere in the world and join us for our Sunday services. If you'd like to pretend to be somewhere else, a "virtual background" is the easiest way to go! Save a picture to your desktop. Then, once you've logged into Zoom, there's a little carrot symbol [^] to the right of the "stop video" button. Click on that, and then click on "choose virtual background." Look for the plus symbol [+] to add the photo from your desktop. Voila! 

--> Feel free to use one of the UUC images below as your Sunday Service virtual background!

--> Still confused? Check out this much more in-depth, pictorial description:

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