"Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve."    -- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   

Serving on Sunday

It takes over 50 volunteers on Sundays and between Sundays to make our community happen. Ushers, our tech booth team, flowers, hospitality and pastoral care among many others, are critical to Sunday Service and Coffee Hour. Are you willing to help?

Chorale and Musicians

UUC's Chorale provides an emotional, artistic and spiritual dimension to our congregation and community life using performances during services, concerts and special events with the intent to support, elevate and enhance the worship service. You do not need to be formally trained, or even know how to read music—everyone is welcome. There is always plenty of opportunity for musicians to play as well. The Chorale meets for rehearsal on Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9 p.m., and arrives at UUC on Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. for pre-service rehearsals. Contact our Music Director to learn more about singing or playing.

Flowers for the Pulpit 

Every Sunday we have a fresh floral arrangement that is displayed in front of the pulpit. These arrangements are purchased by congregants who dedicate, honor, remember or celebrate people and events in their lives. The arrangements are then acknowledged in the Order of Service for that Sunday. Anyone can contribute flowers. Please contact our floral expert. To pay for flowers online, click here.


It has been said that nothing happens in a UU congregation without numerous committee meetings, lots of food, and Fair Trade coffee, of course! Every Sunday UUC hosts a Coffee Hour following the service in our Social Hall. Simple snacks and punch are also provided for the hospitality volunteers to set out. A team of three to four can get the job done very efficiently. If you, or a group of people, would like to help out with this very important task, please contact our Hospitality CoordinatorHospitality Volunteer Guidelines

Media Team

The Media Team works the tech booth during Sunday morning services and special events setting up mics and stands, and running sound, lights and the slide presentation. If you were an "AV geek" in school, or just have an interest in the world of electronics, this is a great way to serve on Sunday mornings. Please contact our Office Administrator for additional information.

Pastoral Associates

UUC has a team of Pastoral Associates who offer confidential, emotional support and spiritual companionship to fellow church members. Our Pastoral Associates are trained and mentored by our minister. We are always looking for caring individuals who have a passion and commitment to helping others. If you have an interest in joining the team, please contact the Minister.

Ushers Team 

The Ushers greet people as they arrive for Sunday services, pass the collection baskets during the offertory, count the collection, prepare a report for the bookkeeper, and take the cash to the bank for deposit. They also ensure the pulpit is set up properly, put oil in the chalice, and adjust the lights and AC in the Sanctuary. The Ushers' job is not only vital to a smooth worship experience, but they are literally the first representatives of UUC that a guest sees. If you are interested, please contact the Administrator via email,

The Welcoming Team warmly greets visitors to UUC on Sunday mornings. They give a sense of congregation and fellowship by helping guests to feel accepted and valued. The Welcoming Committee provides guidance on what UUC has to offer: Covenant Groups, Adult Religious Enrichment, and how to become a UUC member. Interested in joining the friendliest committee at UUC? Contact the Membership Committee.

The Worship Associate Team provides support and training for those who are interested in helping to create a sacred space and time during Sunday worship service. Worship Associates work to ensure that the Sunday Service happens smoothly by assisting the participants with their individual roles while maintaining the spirituality, standards and quality of the worship experience. If you would like to be considered for a worship associate volunteer position, please contact the Worship Associate Chair.

Volunteering between Sundays is critical to the overall life of our community. A wide variety of Practical Ministries keeps our campus humming all week long. They are the ligaments and muscles of our spiritual body.  

UUC is the home of the Octagon Arts Center, which is where our sanctuary is located. The Art Team selects artists and displays their art throughout the Octagon. The art changes out several times per year, and the summer months are reserved for art of UUC members and friends. A reception is held for each show and artists receive 70 percent of any art sold at UUC. To help with hanging the art for the next show, please contact the Art Committee Chair. To attend the next Art Show Reception, check out our Calendar. Art may be viewed on Sundays after service and during office hours (Tuesday-Friday, 9 a.m. to noon). 

The archives team maintains the extensive history of UUC by organizing, cataloging and storing all of our historical records. Interested? Contact the Archives Team.

The Anastasia Maxwell Library is located in UUC's Social Hall. The Library is focused on Unitarian Universalist literature that addresses the mission and vision of UU, providing support for UUC members and friends on both their spiritual and secular journeys. Stop by and "check it out"! Library hours are every Sunday and during regular office hours (Tuesday-Friday 9 a.m. to noon). The volunteer librarians manage and catalog the inventory, update check-in/check-out records and are available on Sundays after the service when possible. Interested in helping out in the UUC Library? Email Librarian.

The office volunteer is the first person the membership and community sees when conducting weekday business. They provide an efficient, professional office for the administration of UUC business. The office volunteer's main focus is to provide clerical and supportive assistance to the staff, Board of Trustees and committees. Each volunteer commits to one weekday twice per month from 9 a.m. to noon, and a few hours per year for training. If you want to stay current with your office skills, or just enjoy meeting new people, email the Administrator. 

The UUC Campus is a unique pair of buildings with an additional rental building on approximately 4.8 acres of land. The Octagon is the newer building, but it is over 25 years old. The Social Hall is the oldest building and has been expanded over the years. The rental building, which we call the Manse, was the original building on the property. The Property Committee of dedicated volunteers oversees and maintains all the buildings and the fixed contents. Their goal as caretakers is to make sure that members and guests are safe and comfortable with the look and feel of this loving community. Please consider joining the Property Committee to help bring our Vision and Mission to fruition. 

The G & G Team is committed to developing, maintaining, managing, supporting and enhancing the UUC campus as a beacon to serve the wider community. It recognizes the attraction of the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our surroundings, and seeks to be the best possible stewards of our environment in keeping with our UU principles. The G & G Committee has numerous Garden Party Picnic/Potluck events, spruce-up Saturdays, and various play days that bring the congregation together to celebrate and enhance our beloved campus and community. To get involved, please contact our very own "Jungle Jay." Visit our Community Garden Facebook page.

The Congregant Care Committee supports congregants' needs by driving them to doctors' appointments, church and grocery stores; sending cards, making phone calls; doing light cleaning; assisting with meal preparation; visiting hospitals, rehab centers and ALF facilities and helping with memorial services. This committee is always seeking more caring people who want to provide support to those in need. This is a wonderful way to express the Vision and Mission of UUC and put the Seven UU Principles into action. Email Care Chair.

The Making Peace Team meets regularly and is available to mediate conflicts between UUC members. The members are highly trained mediators. The policy and format are available on the confidential form box outside the UUC office. If you are a trained mediator and are interested in finding out more about the team, please email the Reconciliation Committee.

The Finance Committee provides guidance to the Board of Trustees to ensure that all financial resources are used efficiently and effectively. The committee prepares the annual budget after receiving input about expected revenues and expenditures from all committees, teams and groups. At the monthly meeting, the committee reviews balance sheets, revenue and expense reports, cash flow projections and other financial records necessary to fulfill its role. The committee also oversees and reviews the annual audit to help ensure that financial and accounting procedures are sound and effective. All members are welcome to attend the monthly Finance Committee meetings to learn more about UUC’s budget process and financial statements. Anyone interested in joining is invited to email the Finance Committee Chair.

The Stewardship Committee plans and conducts the annual canvass each spring to solicit the financial pledges from members and friends of the congregation. Help is needed to plan and coordinate events, prepare and plan packets of information for the congregation, solicit and record pledges, track and report on the progress of pledges. All ideas are welcome. Interested? Email the Stewardship Committee Chair. Visit our Giving page. The Planned Giving Team is part of the  Stewardship Committee. It answers any questions members might have on ways to support the UUC mission with financial gifts. They can provide members with information and forms on favorable tax treatment of such gifts, legal requirements, insurance, wills and trusts. Help is always needed to present at the annual Planned Giving presentation at Open Issues to help maintain information with changes that may occur, make copies of documents, and distribute documents upon request. Please email the Planned Giving Team.  Visit our Giving page for more information on donations.