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Sexuality & Relationships Program for Middle Schoolers


Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a comprehensive set of programs to support people of all ages in learning about their bodies, practicing healthy communication skills, reflecting on relationships, and more. UUC hopes to offer a program for middle-schoolers based on the OWL curriculum in the first half of 2021. Click here to express interest.

Due to pandemic-related safety restrictions, we may need to adapt the OWL curriculum. The creators of the program, the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ, require strict adherence to the curriculum in order to call our program "OWL." Thus, we will be calling our program by a different name this year.

The curriculum is 25 sessions that are each 90-minutes long. Below is the list of topics.


Unit One: Introduction
Workshop 1: What Is Sexuality?

Workshop 2: Examining Values

Workshop 3: The Language of Sexuality

Unit Two: You, As a Sexual Being
Workshop 4: Anatomy and Physiology

Workshop 5: Personal Concerns about Puberty

Workshop 6: Body Image

Workshop 7: Gender Identity

Workshop 8: Gender Expression, Roles, and Stereotypes

Workshop 9: Sexual Orientation

Workshop 10: Guest Panel

Workshop 11: Sexuality and Disability

Unit Three: Relationships
Workshop 12: Healthy Relationships

Workshop 13: Relationship Skills

Unit Four: Contemporary Issues
Workshop 14: Sexuality, Social Media and the Internet

Workshop 15: Bullying and Bystander Responsibilities

Unit Five: Responsible Sexual Behavior
Workshop 16: Redefining Abstinence

Workshop 17: Lovemaking

Workshop 18: Consent Education

Unit Six: STIs, Pregnancy, and Parenting Decisions
Workshop 19: Sexually Transmitted Infections

Workshop 20: Pregnancy, Parenting, and Teen Parenting

Workshop 21: Unintended Pregnancy Options

Workshop 22: Contraception and Safer Sex

Unit Seven: Communicating about Sexuality
Workshop 23: Sexual Decision Making

Workshop 24: Communicating with a Sexual Partner

Workshop 25: Self Care, Celebration, and Closure

Descriptions of each workshop can be found by following this link and clicking on "Table of Contents" under the book's image.

Sexuality & Our Faith

Why teach about sexuality in a religious community?


The choices we make about sexuality and relationships reflect our values, which are integrally tied to our faith. A more thorough explanation of this is coming soon.

Resources for Parents & Caregivers

A Note Regarding Registration...

Registering your children and youth in the Religious Enrichment (RE) program provides us with accurate information to help us run high-quality programming and ensure that you receive the latest information.  We ask that newcomers fill out a registration form to inform us of your children’s interests, special needs, and food allergies.


We do not charge a fee for our religious enrichment program. If you would like to make a voluntary donation, see the options here, and thank you!

Register by using the online registration form or downloading the registration form for printing, which can then be mailed to Religious Enrichment, UUC, 2470 Nursery Road, Clearwater, FL 33764.

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