Taking Flight: Puberty & Relationships Program for Grades 5-6


Our Whole Lives (OWL) is an internationally-renowned, comprehensive set of programs offered to support people of all ages in learning about their bodies, practicing healthy communication skills, reflecting on relationships, and handling life's transitions. Due to pandemic-related safety restrictions, we will adapt some activities of the OWL curriculum. The creators of the program, the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ, require strict adherence to the curriculum in order to call our program "OWL." Thus, we will be calling our program "Taking Flight."

The curriculum has ten workshops. We will be offering two workshops per Saturday at 1:00-3:45pm. An info session is recommended for anyone who is considering the program, and the orientation is required. Below the schedule is the list of topics.

It is important for participants to have regular attendance and be present for as much of the course as possible. The content builds from one session to the next, and the youth will feel more comfortable sharing and asking questions if they are comfortable with the group, which is more likely is all participants are present for the entire course.


Q&A Session

Sunday, March 21 at 3:00-4:00pm via Zoom

Recommended for anyone considering the program

Zoom link: https://uuma.zoom.us/j/97942761098

Parent/Child Orientation

Saturday, March 27 at 1:00-3:45pm in-person at UUC

Required for all participants and at least one of their parents/guardians (preferably all parents/guardians)

Taking Flight Workshops

Saturdays at 1:00-3:45pm

April 10, 17, 24; May 8, 15


Workshop 1: Sexuality and Values

Workshop 2: Images in Popular Culture

Workshop 3: Body Image
Workshop 4: Changes of Puberty

Workshop 5: Gender

Workshop 6: Feelings and Attractions

Workshop 7: Reproduction and Staying Healthy

Workshop 8: Decisions and Actions

Workshop 9: Consent and Peer Pressure

Workshop 10: Healthy Relationships and Celebration

The required book for this curriculum is It's Perfectly Normalby Robie H. Harris and illustrated by Michael Emberley.

Sexuality & Our Faith

Why teach about sexuality in a religious community?


The choices we make about sexuality and relationships reflect our values, which are integrally tied to our faith. A more thorough explanation of this is coming soon.


Review this document and use the link within it to register.

Resources for Parents & Caregivers