Holiday Stuffy Sleepover

Although humans aren't allowed to have a sleepover at UUC due to COVID restrictions, stuffed animals and dolls still can! On December 12-13, stuffed friends of UUC had a sleepover to celebrate the holidays together. This is their photo album.

They began with a chalice lighting by Christian Schmidt and Alexis Capen:

We light this chalice for our children and youth, and for us:
celebrating the flame of faith lit in each of us,
honoring the light each of us bring into the world,
rejoicing in the community we create together.

Do you know what's next?

Creating a covenant, of course! Well, actually, introducing ourselves. Since some of the crew had never met before, everyone introduced themselves by sharing their names, pronouns, and one of their favorite things to do. Then, they made a covenant of how they would be together.

Next, it was time for a game: hide and seek in the Octogon! Pacer (turtle) took a while to find everyone but was very persistent.

Can you spot Teddy hiding underneath the coloring table in the balcony?

After Pacer found everyone, Karen Shirley (elephant with awesome chicken hat!) read A Hanukkah with Mazel, by Joel Edward Stein and illustrated by Elisa Vavouri, to the crew.

Meredith (human chaperone) told them the story of how people fought hate in Billings, Montana by putting up menorahs in their windows in solidarity with their Jewish neighbors. The crew decided to color a menorah to put in the window at UUC, just like in the story.

For arts and crafts time, one group wrote Winter Solstice poetry together. Thanks to Damien (hammerhead shark) for teaching everyone about different forms of poems and to Marcus (elf) for capturing their ideas! 

The other group made Christmas ornaments.

Then, it was time for the dance party! The crew really liked the lights in the Surti Religious Education Center.

They did swing, salsa, hip hop, name it! Here, they're practicing their breakdancing back spins.

In all of the excitement, Victus (wolf) snatched the bracelet off of Damien's tail. It was sad for everyone that Victus broke the covenant, and he felt embarrassed. The crew worked together to heal the rift though. Peace Bear and Pillow mediated. Victus apologized and promised never to take something that wasn't his again. Good job renewing your covenant!

After a long day and lots of fun together, it was time for lights out. All tucked in. G'night!

The next morning, Sniffy, Teddy, and Pillow were awake first and went out looking for breakfast in the Beacon Food Forest.

Sniffy climbed out to see if the June plums were ripe.

Pillow looked over the bananas but decided they were still too green for their tastes.

They found some jackfruit high in a tree and expected Teddy to go get it. "Just because I'm a bear doesn't mean I can climb that high!" Teddy said, reminding us to be careful of our assumptions of what others can and cannot do. In the end, the friends decided it would be good to do some research and ask for help next time they go out to the food forest.


Walking back from the food forest, they saw people starting to show up at the Clear Water Zen Center.

They woke up the rest of the crew and invited them to try meditating by the pond.

Soon, it was time for Sunday morning worship on Zoom. It was fun to be with so many people online, sing songs, and learn more about Hanukkah!

Finally, it was almost time to go home. They had a closing ritual in the chapel and extinguished the chalice, grateful of the opportunity to make new friends and wondering how long it would be until the next sleepover at UUC.

Thanks to all those who participated!