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Spiritual Exploration at UUC

Unitarian Universalism teaches that religious growth and learning are a lifelong process.  Together we seek to provide our children and youth with the experiences and tools to encourage their own religious development, and to ground them in the ethical and spiritual dimensions of life. Our program is designed to:

     help young people deepen their Unitarian Universalist faith and

        to learn Unitarian Universalist history and values;

            to appreciate the richness and diversity of other world religions; and

                to teach our children to integrate their faith and values through social justice and service.

We currently use a program called “Soul Matters Sharing Circle,” which provides our entire campus with monthly themes for discussion and reflection. So, the theme adults hear about in the Octagon worship service on Sundays are the same as the classroom topics for all ages of religious education. Click here for a list of current themes!

We've Moved Online!

You can join us online on Sunday mornings for all ages groups, and we also offer weekly Zoom events and inter-generational events where kids are welcome. We continue to listen and explore new options of engaging our youngest UUers online, so please feel free to share your ideas with us!

Westwood Nursery (infant through VPK): Infants and young children may be checked into the nursery beginning at 10am on Sunday mornings. The nursery is located just past the restrooms to the left of the main entrance to the Octagon. We try to maintain a consistent program for children that involves songs and stories in circle time, and uses art and free play to begin exploring UU themes and principles. In our nursery you will find bookshelves with Todd Parr books, shelves of toys to encourage play, and a closet of art supplies for developing young imaginations. Children are given a snack and organic apple juice. Please remind the nursery attendant if your child has allergies. If you have concerns about the snack provided, you are more than welcome to provide your own snack for your child – or bring some fresh fruit to share with the class.

Kindergarten - 8th Grade: Elementary aged school children begin their morning in the Spirit Play space, which is at the top of the Octagon (follow the sound of children playing – you can’t miss it!). They can play here for the first 15 minutes of worship, and then the congregation sings them out as they follow the RE team and volunteers over to our new Surti building. You may pick them up in Surti Hall following worship! Once in Surti, we have a large group time, short meditation time, a story/lesson, and a craft/game/activity. At the end of class snacks are provided (we are a nut-free campus!) and, weather and time permitting, children play outside on the playground equipment until caregivers come to pick them up.

9th-12th Grades: The older students meet each Sunday from noon until 2pm. TORCH stands for Teen Organization Reaching for Community Harmony. In partnership with their youth advisors, our youth explore theology, spirituality, history and other topics of interest through discussion, music and art as well as a number of hands-on social service opportunities. 

A Note Regarding Registration...

Registering your children and youth in the Religious Enrichment (RE) program provides us with accurate information, and helps ensure that they will not miss mail that their teachers might send.  We ask that newcomers fill out a registration form to inform us of your children’s interests, special needs and food allergies. We do not charge a fee for our religious enrichment program. If you would like to make a voluntary donation, please make checks payable to:  Unitarian Universalists of Clearwater.  In the memo section, please write “RE Program Contribution.”


There’s a place for everybody and their time and talents as we create a flourishing RE experience that embodies the essence of our UUC ministry, shapes young lives and shines on the future of our congregation.  We offer many volunteer opportunities that will not only nurture the spiritual lives of our children and youth but yours as well.


Register by downloading and printing a form here: Registration FormOnce the form is completed, e-mail it to If you have any questions, please call 727-531-7704. 


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