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Fellowship at UUC

One of the great things about UUC (and there are many!) is the fact that we have many fellowship opportunities. We are social people, and love getting together with our friends. Check back here often, as we try to keep our content fresh. 

If you have questions about a particular offering, we encourage you to reach out to the organizer. We are always happy to widen the circle!


Please visit our online calendar to view the full listing of UUC activities. 

Friday Morning Book Club

Group Name: Friday Morning Book Club
When Do We Meet? Every Friday @ 10:30 (until mid-September)
Where Do We Meet? UUC's Patio Room
Organizer: Doug Hall (

Friday Morning Book group has been meeting since 2006. We are an open group and encourage new members to join. Snowbirds are welcome. One of the strengths of our group is our organizational structure. We select books that fit within the framework of our UUC policy of spiritual and educational development. We read a wide variety of genres and rotate discussion leaders which encourages diverse viewpoints. 

Here's what we're reading now (as of 11/29/22): "Enemy Women" by Paulette Jiles

Spiritual Potpourri

Group Name: Spiritual Potpourri

When Do We Meet? Fridays at 1:00 pm 

Where Do We Meet? (Meeting ID: 984 4209 0304)

Organizer: Kathy Krohn (

In response to the pandemic, a new group formed here at UUC to share coping techniques with one another. We talk about current events, what's "feeding our souls," and what's keeping us grounded right now. In a world that feels more uncertain and unprecedented with each passing month, we feel that it is important to support one another. Anyone is welcome to join us.​


To receive weekly email updates on upcoming sessions, click here.

For more information about our offerings, find us on the calendar.

Mah Jong

Group Name: Mah Jong

When Do We Meet? We are taking a break over the summer and will

be back in September! 

2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month

(from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM)

Where Do We Meet? UUC's Social Hall

Organizer: Sylvia Scott (


Whether you have ever played this easy, fun game or not, you are still very welcome to join us. We are happy to teach you!  If you are interested in joining us - please let me know and Sylvia will add you (via email) to her "reminder note" that she sends out a couple of days before we meet to play.

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