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This Week @UUC...

Our congregation is SO much more than a building - we are a community, and we are alive and thriving, albeit in "physically distant" ways. Check the list below for UPDATED ZOOM LINKS so that you can continue to stay connected until we can safely gather again in person. All are welcome to any event, unless specifically specified.


Do you have an event to add?

Is there something you'd LOVE to see happening?

Email our staff and let us know!


7pm UU Film Discussion Group: Many of us are watching a lot more TV and movies than we used to. So let’s watch something together & talk about it! Tuesday’s discussion is for more “older” themed movies, and Thursday’s discussion is for animated/younger-themed movies… but all ages are welcome in both discussion groups! Watch the movie anytime during the week, and then join in for a discussion. Popcorn optional!

5/5: "Self Made" (Netflix) *this is a series of four 45-minute episodes

5/12: "Tigertail" (Netflix)

5/19: "Becoming" (Netflix)

5/26: "The Theory of Everything" (Netflix)


4pm Mid-Week Culinary Adventures: Are you getting bored with your "familiar" recipes? We're going to try baking together. Log on to Zoom in your kitchen, and be prepared with a recipe involving the ingredient(s) of the week. You can follow the recipe you bring, or you can try out a recipe that someone else shares! (**Note, if you have allergies to a featured ingredient, please join us and tell us all about your typical substitution for that ingredient!)

Wed 5/6: Black Beans (in honor of Cinco de Mayo!)

Wed 4/14: Coconut Milk + Onions

Wed 4/20: SKYPE WITH A SCIENTIST (no cooking this week!)


2:30pm Snowbirds Covenant Group: Contact David Feick for details.

4:15pm Family Movie Group: Watch a family-friendly (G or PG rated) movie anytime during the week, and join in on Thursdays after “school” to talk about it together. We’ll check in with each other, but we’ll also have some discussion questions. Bring any questions you have, or things that stuck out to you or reminded you of something going on in your own life. Fun required, popcorn optional!

Thurs. 5/7: "Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe" (PG)

Thurs. 5/14: "Avatar" (PG-13)

Thurs. 5/21: "Meet the Robinsons" (G)

Thurs. 5/28: "Nims Island" (PG)

6:30pm Compass Rose Covenant Group: Contact Susan Gore for details.


1pm Spiritual Potpourri: Join us online to discuss what's sustaining your spirit during these difficult and new pandemic times. All are invited to contribute and share! Chair yoga... meditation... gardening... mindfulness... poetry... Contact Kathy Krohn or Julie Daysa with questions.


4:15pm Online Tea Party: “Tea and a Treasure” – pour yourself a cup of tea, bake some cookies, and bring something you “treasure” to share with the group. Your treasure could be a news story, a piece of artwork, a picture, something that makes you laugh – anything that your heart is treasuring during these uncertain times. If you like baking, this is also a chance to talk about a new cookie recipe you tried, and share ideas/recipes with friends. All ages are welcome!


9:30am Open Issues: See Facebook ( for updates on this week's guest speaker and topic.


10:30am Sunday Virtual Service: As we continue our search for a part-time contract minister, our services are led by Worship Associates and a guest speaker each week. Check our website or the E-Octogram newsletter for details on this week's speaker.


11:30am Online Coffee Hour: After the Sunday service ends, stick around to fellowship and catch up with your friends from UUC. You pour the coffee, we'll provide the "space" to chat!


11:30am Online Religious Education (RE) for Kids: We’ll start by lighting a chalice together, so bring your own chalice if you have one! We’ll check-in and each have a chance to talk about joys/sorrows. We’ll listen to a story together that centers around our monthly theme (May: Thresholds). Our goal is to try to bring a UU lens to our lives, and together explore how we can be in community while social distancing.


1pm: T.O.R.C.H. Youth Group: Our UUC youth group, Teen Organization Reaching for Community Harmony, is for students in grades 9-12. The youth group is self-led by teens and supervised by Al Swinyard. This will include a check-in time and a chance for deeper conversation about what is going on in both personal lives and in the greater community/world, from a UU perspective. Please bring a candle/chalice to light (even if it’s just on your phone). All high school youth are welcome, so if you have friends/cousins/neighbors who are lonely, send them the Zoom meeting ID and we look forward to getting to know them.

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