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Environmental Justice

We promote environmental health of our earth and campus through education. In 2012, we dedicated our demonstration permaculture vegetable garden which was planted during a one day "permablitz" with the assistance of partners from the environmental community. The garden has almost tripled in size and continues to be a learning experience for the children and adults in the congregation and our community. In 2012, the UUC was awarded the official designation of "Green Sanctuary." At UUC, we continually strive to honor and implement our Seventh Principle. Email the Environmental Justice Chair.  
UUC Environmental Policy


Migrant Justice Team

The Migrant Justice Team seeks to implement our faith by identifying the needs of Florida farm workers and assist them in achieving their goals. We join in the actions initiated by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) and seek to make life easier for those who pick strawberries in Plant City. In this way, we are honoring the inherent worth and dignity of all human beings as well as placing value on the interdependent web. Our major initiatives are collecting and distributing blankets to the Plant City workers as well as rice and beans to supplement their dietary needs. We also assist the CIW with their actions and boycotts whenever possible. Email Migrant Justice Team.



Faith and Action for Strength Together (FAST) is a multicultural, inter faith justice organization made up of over 35 local congregations. UUC is a member of FAST and members of the UUC FAST Justice Ministry work on local social justice issues with members of the other congregations. Last year the issues FAST worked on were homelessness in Pinellas County, reducing the achievement disparity between white and African American students in the Pinellas County Schools and increasing the use of civil citations for youth in the state of Florida. Email F.A.S.T. Committee Chair.


Black Lives Matter

The Unitarian Universalist Association and UUC are supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement, which is a national organization with local chapters, including one in Tampa Bay. As UUs, our dedication to global justice, equity, and dignity leads us to join hands across lines of race, class, age, and geography and work for an end to the injustices faced by African-Americans in our communities, so that every person is treated equally under the law and has a fair chance at life. As a mostly white congregation, UUC is focusing on the role of white people in becoming aware of white privilege, ending white silence, and uniting with others for community action. We have read and discussed Waking Up White and Finding Myself in the Story of Race, by Debby Irving. A dozen of us completed the Beloved Conversations curriculum for exploring race in individual and congregational life. We are supporting Clearwater’s African-American community in seeking Justice for Markeis McGlockton. Please join the UUC Social Justice Immediate Action Facebook page to keep abreast of actions. Please visit the UUC calendar for upcoming meeting dates.


Refugee Committee

In 2016, UUC "adopted" a refugee family from Iraq. We have helped the family adapt to life in the U.S. through life-skill education and tutoring the children in Math and English. We continue to support this family in their integration to our American culture and local community. Contact


LGBTQ Rights

The UUC has been a long time champion of LGBTQ Rights. Every year, a large contingent of members from the UUC and other area UU congregations sponsor and man a booth, and march proudly in the St. Petersburg Gay Pride Parade; the largest Pride March in Florida. Check our Contact calendar for upcoming events.


Siding with Love

UUC is Proud to be "Siding with Love", an interfaith public advocacy campaign that seeks to harness love’s power to stop oppression. It is sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Association and all are welcome to join. This is a time of great hope and possibility, yet our communities are threatened by the increased prevalence of acts motivated by fear and hate. No one should be dehumanized through acts of exclusion, oppression, or violence because of their identities. In public debates on immigrant justice, LGBTQ equality, and more, we stand on the side of love and call for respect, inclusion, and compassion. Read more about this outstanding organization.

“For Unitarian Universalists, spirituality means a deeper engagement with Life. It is that sense of aliveness we feel when we are immersed in the service of something much larger than ourselves. Our approach to social justice as a spiritual practice impels us to serve, not save, those members of humanity hurting in our very midst, not just people in far off places; to be both realistic and idealistic in our efforts to do the work of justice; and to work cooperatively together to help heal a broken world.” In our stated stance we make this our goal. To this end the Social Justice Council has committees that concentrate on various aspects of social justice. 


End of Life Choices

Compassion and Choices (or End of Life Choices) is working to change the law in Florida to allow an aid-in-dying option. Also, we are trying to educate people to think about their lives and how they want their medical care handled if they become unable to speak for themselves. We inform them of what documents could best help them achieve this result. People are encouraged to share their stories about bad deaths and pain so that we may share those with our legislators as motivation for the aid-in-dying legislation. Also, we ask people to write to and talk to their legislators, friends and others about this movement and these issues. Email End of Life Choices


Economic Justice

Most recently, this committee has been involved with American Promise (Move to Amend), which focuses on changing the Supreme Court rulings that money is speech and corporations are people. It has also worked on Florida's decision not to expand Medicaid coverage and the Fight for 15 movement. Contact the Economic Justice Chair.




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