Directions/How does it work?

This event will be a part of the Grand Opening of our new space. It will be like no
other auction in our recent history. The auction will feature services and
experiences ONLY and is an opportunity for us to do some community building.

What better way to get to know our fellow UUs than by engaging in some fun
activities together!

The simplest way to donate is to complete this form online. If you prefer, you may
also print this form, fill it out, and return it to UUC.

Should you choose to solicit a donation (service/experience) from a business, you
may print this “donation letter” and present it at the time of your request.

We have provided some suggestions of donations below. But we are confident that you will
think outside the box and come up with some fabulous ideas of your own.

Everyone can participate!! If you find that you will be away on auction day, you can
still join in the fun. Donate early – and choose a proxy to bid for you. Complete this
form and both you and your proxy will sign it. The proxy can then make bidding
decisions on your behalf. Just be sure he/she has possession of the form in order to
receive your bid number on the day of the auction.

Silent Auction Ideas


This Silent Auction is not only a fundraiser, it is also intended to be a community builder.
We envision many opportunities for groups of people to be able to engage in fun activities.
What better way to get to know our fellow UUs here at UUC.

Individuals, committees, covenant groups, families or friends can donate services and/or experiences.

Get creative. Think outside the box.

Services are always popular: handyman, cleaning, windows, airport shuttles, lawn work, garage clean out, pet sitting, babysitting, proofing or editing, car detailing, gutter cleaning

Do you have a special talent? How about providing a dessert of the month, home baked bread weekly for a month, or meals on wheels for a designated length of time, organizational sessions, etc. Passes to sporting events, theater or concert tickets, amusement parks, or spas

Here are some other ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Remember, the sky is the limit! Let’s have fun.

-Host a game night – board games, bunco, poker, charades, trivia , etc. Karaoke party

-Host a movie party

-Lessons: art, music, mah jongg, bridge, knitting, crochet

-Lead a nature walk/bird walk

-Lead a meditation group

-Host a concert (we have many talented musicians at UUC) An evening of poetry or slam poetry

-Host High Tea, Ethnic dinners, Wine Tasting, Backyard BBQ

-Dessert Party

-Laser Tag

-Dance Party

-Computer Training

-Children’s party


-Bowling Party

-Super Bowl Party

-Academy Awards Party

-Sailing, kayaking excursions

-Full Moon celebration

-Brewery tours

-Vegan Sampler Dinner

-Native plant consultation

-Social Media training

-Handcrafted jewelry session - made especially for you


Forms/Documents (linked above) quick access:

Silent Auction 2018
Donation form (online)

Donation Form (printable)
Donation Ask letter
Donation suggestions
Proxy form





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