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Children and Youth Education


Children's Religious Enrichment

Unitarian Universalism teaches that religious growth and learning are lifelong processes. Together we seek to provide our children and youth with the experiences and tools to encourage their own religious development and to ground them in the ethical and spiritual dimensions of life. Our program is designed to help young people deepen their Unitarian Universalist faith and to learn Unitarian Universalist history and values; to appreciate the richness and diversity of other world religions; and to teach our children to integrate their faith and values through social justice and service.


Every Sunday children and youth will attend the beginning of the worship service in the Sanctuary with their families from approximately 10:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m. They will participate with the rest of the congregation in lighting the chalice, singing hymns and hearing a story in keeping with the day’s theme before going to their Religious Enrichment Classes, Children’s Worship, or Faith-In-Action Programming.

Children’s Worship occurs on the first Sunday of the month. Children and youth of all ages gather in the Emerson Room. This is a time when our children experience worship from a child/youth perspective with a greater opportunity for multi-age interaction.


Faith in Action Programming occurs once a month. Children and youth of all ages gather in the Susan B. Anthony Children’s Library to learn about social justice and the people who are working to do something about it. Social justice work is central to Unitarian Universalism, and empowering our children and youth to find ways to make the world a better place is of great importance to our congregation. Email our Director of Religious Education.




UUC's Children's Religious Education Safety Policy & Procedures.


Nursery (Westwood Room) ages 0-3 years old

Babies and toddlers enjoy the loving attention of experienced staff and volunteers within easy proximity to the Sanctuary. The worship service can be heard by our childcare workers via the in-house sound system.

Pre-K - Kindergarten (Beatrix Potter Room) "Creating Home”

This program helps children develop a sense of home that is grounded in faith. The program speaks of home as a place of belonging and explores the roles each of us play in the homes where we live. The program introduces the concept of a "faith home"—your congregation—which shares some characteristics with a family home.

1st - 2nd grade (Sophia L. Fahs Room) “Moral Tales”

Every day our children go forth into a complex world where they are often faced with difficult decisions and situations. Moral Tales attempts to provide children with the spiritual and ethical tools they will need to make choices and take actions reflective of their Unitarian Universalist beliefs and values.

3rd - 5th grade (Ralph Waldo Emerson Room) "Windows and Mirrors”

Windows and Mirrors nurtures children's ability to identify their own experiences and perspectives and to seek out, care about and respect those of others. The sessions unpack topics that lend themselves to diverse experiences and perspectives—for example, faith heritage, public service, anti-racism and prayer. The program teaches that there are always multiple viewpoints and everyone's viewpoint matters.


6th - 8th grade (Martin Luther King, Jr. Room) "Heeding the Call”

As Unitarian Universalists, we are called not to admire justice from a distance, but to live right in it- under its roof. This series of workshops offers a unique opportunity to engage youth in the critical work of developing skills as Unitarian Universalists committed to social justice. The workshops encourage youth to reflect on their own lives while also making connections to the lives lived by others.

Beacon Youth Group - Ages 12-20 years old (Ghandi Room from 12-2 p.m.)

In April of 2008, a Youth Caucus was held and the attendees voted to dissolve Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU). Subsequently, BEACON, a youth community founded in the Florida District, was formed in 2009. New organizational bylaws and guidelines were developed to ensure a safe, healthy, and thriving Unitarian Universalist youth community for District-wide events.

The Critical Components of BEACON Youth Ministry include community building, spirituality, learning, social action, youth empowerment, leadership, and good youth-adult relations.  The youth take part in governance and Social Justice activities here at UUC, as well as in the wider community. They also participate in a larger community of their UU peers by attending monthly Youth Conferences at UU congregations throughout the state. Please visit the Clearwater Beacon website for more information.


There's a place for everybody and their time and talents as we create a flourishing RE experience that embodies the essence of our UUC ministry, shapes young lives, and shines on the future of our congregation. We offer many volunteer opportunities that will not only nurture the spiritual lives of our children and youth, but yours as well. Email our Beacon Youth Coordinator.



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